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I think modern American culture associates the word religion with dead worship or generally negative vibes. I believe that the rock on which Jesus built His church is the confession by Peter, You are the Christ, the Son of the living God. Proof for me that Jesus is real and is exactly who he says he is and that he is coming back are in 1000s of experiences just like that. It was the religious people who had him put to death the fact that he preached a entirely different doctrine from them. More importantly I ve noticed that sometimes a prideful person can be humble and a humble person becomes prideful. Posted: 2/26/2008 11:22:04 PM I believe that yes, Jesus Christ was a religious man, even though He led a simple life, much like St. It was simple, we d pray, then read a few chapters then pray it out. I was careful to pick gospel chapters where Jesus spoke alot. Posted: 3/3/2008 7:43:25 PM ^ If he wasn t dating religious man. the very trappings of religion serve to orchestrate the demise or downfall of those who practice it. There are many churches and religious communities which are high church or spiky (big on incense, ceremony, Latin, Gregorian chant, etc. He submitted Himself to be baptized by St. It was a voluntary christians mens ranch you see. In 100% honesty I only reflected the answers to my own questions about Jesus and religion on one of my fasting experiences.

I think that for my part I ve always focused on the first rung of the ladder of the teaching of Jesus being Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven. Doing good to widows and orphans etc I see as more righteous than religious. That s what Jesus will tell the sheep, his real christians. For C-S BOTH are needed in a religion: the inner mystical (i. The real meaning of religion is at issue. the only other person who may have come close was Francis of assisi, who in his evolution became less and less identifiable with catholicism. Jesus was a religious man because His entire life was devoted to serving His Father in Heaven in my opinion. To me the most interesting comments made about the bible are made by parolees from prison who either accepted Jesus in their heart behind bars or shortly after getting out of prison. No disrespect to the opinion of yourself or others. ) and are actually quite lively, vibrant, filled with young people, and engaged in social ministries. I believe that Jesus was religious because He is the one who established the New Testament Church: When Jesus came to the region of Caesarea Philippi, he asked his disciples, Who do people say the Son of Man is. His message was very popular with the people--so much so that the religious leaders felt that their power was in jeopardy. John the Baptist (a religious rite, the beginning of distinctly Christian rites) even though we Christians believe He was sinless. but when a light would come on in their eyes and they would read a proverb or a psalm and share something they had learned, wow, my teachers were standing before me.

It is a creedal statement--one of the earliest recorded in the New Testament. In other words he didnt FOLLOW DOCTRINE which seem to the hallmark of any religion. In that sense, Jesus was VERY religious, in that he seems to have had a deeply held personal vision of his God and expressed it in the terms of the cumulative tradition (first century Judaism) of his man going through divorce child.
. If you associate religion with the external signs of worship, then certainly, Christ regularly visited and prayed in the synagogues, proclaimed the Scriptures there, and performed many of the Jewish rites. To my knowledge, Jesus did not have anything negative to say about Temple worship. Thus you nullify the word of God for the sake of your tradition. he was an older man and every time we met he would say something that touched my soul. Posted: 3/13/2006 11:00:16 AM Thanks for getting us back on Topic. Call me weird, but I can even easily imagine him swinging a bowl of incense as what we might today call an altar server , and wearing vestments of some sort while He administered the Last Supper and distributed Communion dating religious man. He stood up to read during worship in the Temple. I was blessed with the distinct pleasure of teaching bible studies to groups of these men. I would add that I ve also heard religion is for people afraid of hell and spirituality is for people that have been there. .Bisexuelle chat foren lesben schwule und und.

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Andrew vanwyngarden dating history.

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Relatively religious man (non-Muslim) dating a devout Muslim. How about dating someone with a different religion or skin colour?. Would a man with no money to his name stand a chance with a religious girl from a wealthy. There is a general perception that men and women approach dating differently,.

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At first glance, the state of Utah—60 percent Mormon and home of the LDS church—looks like the wrong place to study what I like to call the man deficit.

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When a black man that claims to be religious is seeking a wife, what is it that he is looking for exactly?

There's a growing problem with Christian men not taking initiative in relationships. ... where she writes candidly about dating, relationships, ...
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